Jesus send out the 12

Matthew 10 talks of Jesus sending out his disciples, this is still a message to us today and it is something all followers of Christ need to hear and follow. This is how we are to live. Here are my notes on it-

Matthew 10:1-42
-When we go out on mission for Christ we are given authority that he works through us.
-Go to the lost! Don’t be afraid because they don’t believe the same things as you, just make it an adventure and be encouraged when they listen to you!
-Preach the truth, don’t shape it, don’t change it, don’t rearrange it, everyone needs to hear the very truth God has laid out for us!
-Give and give and don’t expect anything back, Jesus gave his life to you and when you give your life back to him you need to go out and show Jesus to everyone.
-Don’t take all your belongings, just go because God will provide!
-Stay with a brother/sister in Christ, don’t go alone find people who will encourage you, they will be there to encourage you and help you.
-We are sent out in trouble, people have it out for us
-Don’t be stupid. Don’t expect the world be a happy little place over the rainbow, watch out for people coming against you.
-Be on your guard, God will protect you, but that doesn’t mean you just do whatever and think God will clean up after you.
-At the same time when people come after you don’t freak out, God will send The Spirit to speak trough you.
-You will be hated because of Jesus.
-Stand firm, don’t fall, be careful and you’ll make it.
-Except people to be against you in every way so you’re not caught off guard and tossed to the ground.
-Do not be afraid. What’s more powerful God or men?God will show you what is happening.
-Whatever knowledge God lets you know, tell others, they need this too.
-Do not be afraid of those who kill, hurt, and are hunting you, God has the best plan for you.
-Only One being can take control of your soul, and that matters.
-God cares for his people more than anything else, He sent his son to die for His people, nothing else, just us.
-We can’t be afraid to tell people about Christ, what point is there to having a relationship with Christ if you only read the bible and pray? We are called to go out so others know who Christ is.
-We aren’t going around the world to make everyone happy, we are shaking things up and changing what the world thinks.
-We will be enemies with all and many.
-We can’t love anyone or anything more than Christ, God NEEDS to be the very fort thing in our life.
-following Christ is a hard commitment for life, it’s not easy, it’s not always fun, it’s not happy happy, it’s hard, grueling, and crazy but there is a major reward in the end.
-Follow Christ with everything you have, deny yourself, your life, and who you are so you can work for God.
-If we are received Christ is received, that’s the important part.
-We are out to help others, this will advance God’s kingdom and we will be rewarded.

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  1. I love you! I can’t wait to see how the Lord works through you!!

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